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Biofilm Termite Management System

Biofilm is an Australian owned and produced flexible termite risk management system designed with one concern in mind, and that is to provide measures to reduce the risks of undetected subterranean termite ingress into buildings.

Installed during the construction of the building, Biofilm is classed as a chemical barrier in a non-soil matrix and is a once-only treatment designed to protect from termite ingress for the economic life of the building.

Biofilm is exceedingly effective utilized as a perimeter treatment, a complete under slab treatment, to protect retaining walls, cold joints, and many other potential entry points. Biofilm can also be used to treat slab penetrations to create a complete standalone system to protect from termite ingress.

The Biofilm system relies on a combination of partial measures combined with maintaining perimeter inspection zones so that the evidence of termite workings is forced out into the open where their presence may be detected more readily.

Biofilm is the premier termite barrier system available on the Australian market providing the highest level of protection for your construction project.

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